Monday, November 24, 2014

Primary Sources in Minecraft Projects: Reputable Websites & Resources

So our next source of information was the website affiliated with Plimoth Plantation itself. We knew the venue since we had visited it earlier this month, so we felt that we could rely on the information it contained with a fair degree of confidence. What was even better was the list of publications recommended by the historians who work to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the Plimoth Plantation experience. These documents and texts contain historical information and first person accounts of the lives of the Colonial villagers.

While I know it is heresy in some quarters, I also took a quick look at the Wikipedia page for Plimoth Plantation, particular in their Notes and External Links references. While I would not call Wikipedia a primary source for obvious reasons, I mention it because this resource served as a springboard to explore William Bradford, a name I had not previously been aware of. One of the page's external links was to a C-SPAN video portrayal of some of Bradford's writings. This in turn sent me to Project Gutenberg where Bradford's "History of Plimoth Plantation" was available in a number of electronic formats.

Other resources: