Monday, November 24, 2014

Primary Sources in Minecraft Projects: GIS Information

Recalling our experience, and reviewing the pictures, we realized that we needed to get a feel for the terrain of the area. We knew that the fort/blockhouse sat at the top of a hill overlooking the village and the distant bay. But the day was so busy that we couldn't remember the rest of the terrain in the area. Enter Google Maps and Google Earth!

A quick search for Plymouth, MA got us to the general vicinity. A bit of a zoom and a click on the Terrain button later and we had the image to the right to work from as we started to develop the landscape in our Minecraft world.

For more specific imagery, we then went to our Google Earth app on my iPad and took screenshots at different heights to get a better sense of the topography and village layout.

The image at the bottom gives us a nice perspective view of the village buildings so that could begin to map out our Minecraft replica.

In reviewing the imagery, we recognized a few other significant geographical features we would want to include in our model. The Eel River and its lagoon were important to the layout of the area as we are interested in later expanding our model to include the Wampanoag village which can be seen in the third image down as the open area below the center of the Eel River lagoon.